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6,90 € domicile SoColissimo
11,90 € domicile TNT (Express)

OFFERTS dès 75€ d’achat
( sur la France Métropolitaine uniquement )


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Addicted to wellbeing?

Welcome to the club

1. Our loyalty program

Earn, redeem and enjoy benefits of our more than 1000 products with our outstanding loyalty program.


Our unique and wide catalogue includes healthy products, the most innovative devices and all you need to enhance a natural life.


Bewellness loyalty program has been launched in 2009 and since then, thousands of customers have enjoyed the amazing benefits of a healthier life.


2. How it works? 

You will get 2 loyalty points with every pound you expend in our store. The points will be accredited to your account and you may check your balance just by accessing to your private area.


Points must be redeemed within 12 months since they are accredited in the account.


You may use the points to get discounts in the products and pay part of purchases with points.


3. Points and value.

You will earn 2 points for every pound you expend in our store.


Kindly note that shipping and delivery costs are not eligible to earn loyatly points.


For every 200 points you will get a discount of 5 pounds.


Bewellness reserves the right to modify the loyalty program conditions and points value.


4. Welcome points.

Creating an account with us is totally free; and as welcome prize, we will accredit in your account the first 120 points.


Welcome points cannot be used for the first purchase; they are only available since the second purchase. (Bewellness thanks your understanding).


5. Using the points;

You may use the accumulated points to get reductions in our online store.


Just login into your account to know how many points you have available. The points are redeemable for coupon discount to use in the web.


A minimum amount of points is not required to make a purchase; therefore, when the points are not enough to pay the full product, you must use a complementary payment method to cover the unpaid part.


In order to use points the purchase must be over 20€. (There is not maximum amount of points to be redeemed).


Points cannot be used on discounted item, promotions or items with reduced prices.


Points cannot be applied retroactively: points are only applicable at the moment of purchase.


Past purchases are not eligible to earn points.


Points cannot be transferred to other member accounts.


6. Eligible expenses to earn points

Points are earn by purchases in our online store.


Taxes are eligible to earn points because they are included in the final amount of money to pay.


Shipping and delivery costs are not eligible to earn points.


Points are not eligible to earn points. Purchase on points will not generate new loyalty points. If you buy a product using points to reduce the price, you will only get points for the part not covered by points.


Products on sales or promotions are not eligible to earn points.


7. Referral program 

Bewellness wans to award our ambassadors; for every referral we will accredit a coupon discount of 2,5 £ in your account.


When your referral makes his first purchase; he must type your email address in the special box for promotional codes. When the purchase is completed the coupon will show up in your account.


8. Other methods to earn points.

Your opinion is important to us.


Every time you leave a good rating and comment on our products we will accredit 40 points in your account.


Please note:

  • Comments must be original
  • Comments about the products.
  • Unique comments (double comments on the same product are not valid)
  • Comment must be honest and objective.


Bewellness reserves the right to remove any offensive comment.


Offensives comments will be deleted and account privileges may be removed. Our consumer affairs department may take legal actions against anybody who post any offensive comment (racism, sex, threads, drugs, dead, children, violence or any comment with a sensitive subject).


9. Disputes

Any dispute over the program will be moderated by Bewellness


Bewellness reserves the right to modify, maintain or eliminate the program.